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The Lone Ranger Shoot Update – That’s (Almost) a Wrap!

by JB Films on August 28, 2012

Almost done with filming of The Lone Ranger. 125 days of shooting seemed to fly by.  We dealt with winds up to 70 mph, rain, snow,  and even wildfires but nothing has stopped us from filming this incredible movie.

The cast has been absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for a better crew. Everyone has been extremely dedicated in making this film a major success. We have a few more filming days back in California and  then post-production goes into high gear. Before we know it, it will be July 3rd, 2013 and we can’t wait to share this incredible film with everyone.

Until then, here are a few photos of our time in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona:

Our custom built train tracks. We built 5 miles in a circle so we wouldn’t have to stop filming to turn train around

Snowstorm in the middle of the desert?

Gorgeous views in Monument Valley

On rough days, winds reached up to 70 mph.

Jerry Bruckheimer capturing the views in Monument Valley

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  1. Jerry, this off topic from the post above, but can you please give us all an update, for when Pirates 5 and its release date and release year and movie title will all be announced?

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