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Take The Money & Run – Overview and Rule Clarification from Live Chat

by JB Films on August 2, 2011

You can find most information on Take The Money & Run ABC page HERE (clips, bios, overview etc).

Here are a few rules though since many of you have asked during Jerry’s live chat, and on our social media pages:


A team of 2 contestants are given 1 hour to hide a briefcase with $100,000.  The money cannot be separated from the briefcase.  A team of 2 real investigators and 2 seasoned interrogators then hunt down the money, using any tactics/knowledge they have from real experience.  If the detectives find it, they keep the money. If the contestants can keep it hidden, they keep the money.

Some rules:

  • Contestants must stay together while hiding the briefcase
  • Contestants must use the vehicle. They can park it and walk somewhere.
  • They can use pay phones.
  • Detectives get GPS information tracking the vehicle, cell phone records.
  • The briefcase must be hidden somewhere accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Anyone the contestants use to hide the money must be accessible by detectives.
  • All questions must be answered, but both sides are expected to lie and do their best to deceive the other.
  • Contestants are not allowed to leave the cell.

Additional questions are answered by the producers HERE.

Casting information is available HERE.

Thanks to all the EST viewers, we had a huge response on our pages and in the live chat!

Tweet your questions and thoughts on the show to Jerry Bruckheimer on Twitter

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  1. I watched this show on the first night and was appalled at the way they were being investigated considering this is a “game show”. That man was in tears and confessed or they would not have won. I had to come on the internet to find out the rules and if he was sure of the rules then he wimped out for no reason. If it were me I would have lied till I died, for that much money. I said I wouldn’t ever watch again but lack of anything better I am watching a repeat. The second week seems so far to be going better. That detective needs to remember these are not criminals but contestants and watch his tones and words he uses. Thank you, Frances

  2. Bob Smith permalink

    Frances, they are trying to find the truth and that is how real interrogations work. After being an investigator for years, they did an excellent job of finding the weaker brother and breaking down his weaknesses. They are playing for $100,000. This is a lot of money. They can use whatever tone they like. If you dont like it, go watch re-runs of Murder She Wrote and Matlock.

  3. jimbob bobert permalink

    this show is a good show. i think they are a little rough at times but i get why they want the money as much as the contestants. but the interrogators don’t even get the money the investigators do. the first week was kinda made me mad if he hadn’t cracked they wouldn’t have found the money. this weeks they wouldn’t have found the money for sure they had the perfect plan he cracked because he couldn’t handle being in the cell. i mean seriously they were fooled had no idea were the money was thought it was at the beach perfect plan

  4. Barbara permalink

    will you be doing this show in any other cities?

  5. bill permalink

    Are you going to change the interrogators? I don’t enjoy the current ones, and, do the contestants get any reward at all?

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